What’s Next? Creativity in the Age of Entertainment

What’s Next? Creativity in the Age of Entertainment is a memoir of observations of the interconnected causes of the creativity crisis that exists today in an environment where entertainment has replaced and compromised the arts, education, and business. The issues inhibiting creativity are interrelated and none exist in a vacuum. My goal is to define and clarify the situation today, and encourage a discussion about moving toward solutions.

Creativity eludes a single definition. The word has become a catchall phrase used in many fields about numerous types of people and skills. It is difficult to measure or to quantify. I wish to share my knowledge of many types of creative people to demonstrate how inspiration and imagination coexists in the arts, sciences, education, leadership, innovation and business. I illustrate my ideas about the future of arts education and the music business through a selection of personal career experiences and successful programs. Due to the interrelation of the larger issues, I suggest steps to begin conversations among the many stakeholders to address the situations inhibiting creativity.

What’s Next? Creativity in the Age of Entertainment traces my career with its inspirational figures, as well as the development of artistic projects with international results. The larger arts environment is discussed through my experiences as an entrepreneur and cultural leader. The challenges of the arts environment, journalism, recording, and arts education are discussed in detail, with suggestions made for improvement. Provocative and detailed, experts across all artistic disciplines are referenced and lend support to my opinions about the state of the arts, education, leadership and entrepreneurship today.

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2020 Book Excellence Awards Winner

2019 Readers Favorite International Book Award Winner