What’s Next? Creativity in the Age of Entertainment


My new book, “What’s Next? Creativity in the Age of Entertainment,” is a memoir of observations of the interconnected causes of the creativity crisis that exists today in an environment where entertainment has replaced and compromised the arts, education, and business. In an exploration of our creative environment today,  I focus on creativity as the background of the arts, innovation and culture, and the inspiration it provides throughout our society. The challenges I’ve observed in our cultural and work environments — confused definitions, the disappearance of arts education and media coverage, misguided and struggling arts organizations, poor education for work and life skills  — are a result of living in the Age of Entertainment. 

What’s Next? Creativity in the Age of Entertainment details the creativity crisis where a focus on entertainment has confused our society. I share my experiences with creative people and artistic projects, demonstrating how inspiration and imagination coexist across various disciplines. I explore our current Age of Entertainment and how our culture discourages creativity in many fields. The roles of imitation, discipline and cleverness in nurturing creativity skills offer an overview of the creative process. Examples of innovative ideas that led to Grammy Awards and international projects provide a background of program and leadership development. I illustrate my views about the future of arts education and the music business through successful programs around the country. Finally, suggestions are offered to assist creativity development in the arts, philanthropy, business, education and our personal lives toward a new Age of Creativity.

Click here to read more and purchase the book. It is available through this site, at most online sellers, or by request at your local bookstore. If you would like to review the book after reading, please leave your comments where you purchased the book, or at Goodreads for those purchasing the book through this blog or from any other seller of your choice.

Thank you for your interest and I hope you will enjoy What’s Next? Creativity in the Age of Entertainment.

2020 Book Excellence Awards Winner

2019 Readers Favorite International Award Winner

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